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Maximum Output: 32Wx2
Output Impedance: 4Ω、 8Ω
Input Level: 230 mv
Input Impedance: 100 k
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤1% +0dB
Frequeney responses: 15Hz~65KHz -2dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 90 db
Input Jacks: 4 group
Output Jacks: 2 group
Vacuum Tubes: EL34x4 ECC82x2 ECC83x2(all use Russian EH brand)
Supply Votage: AC110V/150Hz 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 110W
Dimensions: 39.5Lx32.5Wx21H(cm)
Ponderancy: 22kg

Class-A Monaural Power Amplifier


SA-91 Preamplifier
Dual-Monaural , three boxes detachable structure,
Full balance transmission and amplifying.
Output voltage: 2V

SP-991 Balance Power amplifier
Monophonic Class-A amplifier,
Full balanced transmission and amplifying circuit,
1500W toroidal transformer, 120,000 microwave power supply
provided by the electrolytic capacitors,
Impact output made up of 24 powerful transistors.
Power output:300W+300W(8Ω)
Class-A power output:100W+100W(8Ω)

SV-238 Class-A
Integrated Stereo Amplifier

  Full-balanced transmission and amplifying circuit with the
American Crystal volume control chip CS3310,
1500w high efficiency toroidal transformer and 120,000 μF power supply,
Microcomputer full-functional control, VDC made by High-class VFD,
And leisure IR remote controller.
Power Output: 200W+200W(8Ω), 400W+400W(4Ω)
Power Output of Class-A: 50W+50W(8Ω)

Home Cinema Amplifier

Compact Disc Player

Compact Disc Player

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